On a large stage or in an intimate parlor the audience will rave about your PrettyMagical entertainment

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* After DinnerEntertainment

* Holiday Celebrations

* Award Shows

* VIP Events

* Hospitality Events

* House Parties

* Opening Sessions

* Country Clubs

country club entertainment

Whether you have a small intimate event in mind or you want to up the energy with larger production value, I've got your back.  I can bring my own LED backdrop to set the stage for resort style entertainment and run my own professional sound system to insure everyone enjoys the witty reparte as well as the expertly curated background music featuring Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra and more.

Engagement + Excitement + Interaction

+ Team Building

When I step on stage most people don't quite know what to make of me, I certainly doesn't fit the image of a typical magician.  But once I starts tickling their funny bones and boggling their minds they are captivated.  I perform unique illusions with everyday objects and relatable themes.  In Fashion Slave I escapes from (and fits through) a coat hanger, in Destiny I (temporarily) hijack a volunteers free will, and in Clearly Twisted  the audience gets a sneek peek inside of a magician's illusion box.  your guests act as my assistants whom I interact with playfully and respectfully, they are the real stars of the show.  The show can be customized in size, length, and theme.  

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