Here is what a few folks thought of working with me


“It can be quite hard entertaining engineers; Star had them giggling and laughing.”- Lori Cherry, 3M

“Thank you for making the trip, we loved your spirit- what talent! ” - Allison S, Sundog Media

“Star brought a smile to the face of everyone at our conference. ”— Dan P, MN Lamb and Sheep Producers

"Better than anything at the World of Wonders" - Joe Souchery radio host Garage Logic ESPN1500


“The strolling show starting off was great it really got everybody interacting and loose and it sets the mood. It was very good idea”

— Jody G, JAG Adjusting Inc

“It’s wonderful how you really just fit right in with our group”

— Alisia G, Edina Realty

“Her previous experience is obvious, she’s comfortable interacting with the crowd and flexible to changing situations”

— Erin S,regional director of events Macys

“We've had other magicians in the past but none compared to the professional entertianment Star presented.”

— Ron Lawson III, CEO Great West Risk Management

“We really enjoyed having Star as our entertainers she is fun loving and accommodating”

— Jen L, Truck Transport Inc

“A great ice-breaker and social spark”

— Craig Robbins, Chair  Twin Cities Polo Classic