So really? What is PrettyMagical?

Its my mission to create fantastic experiences by infusing magic with comedy, art and emotion.   I want to give each person a time where reality slips away for a minute or an hour so they can relax and believe in the impossible.


Hey, I'm Star

I'm a Minnesota raised, northern California university educated, Florida dwelling gal.  I got into magic at age 12 because I wanted to talk to a boy who was a young magician; now, I've spent over 2 decades using magic to build connections.  By combining her original illusions with uniquely relatable themes and humor I connect people to each other and to events.  I'm thrilled to have a career that lets me travel across the country performing at lovely venues like the Fairmont in Sonoma California to Wizards Magic Theatre in Orlando Florida and everywhere in between.  I have also consulted and performed magic for television commercials and theatrical productions.  In addition to performing magic I have a BA in Theatre and have worked backstage for over 20 plays (generally as a props designer and assistant stage manager) and as a union stagehand for the likes of Bruce Springsteen and even my childhood crush The New Kids on the Block.  Whether off stage or on this melting pot of experience  produced a exceptional team player