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    The Big Move to SRQ

    Goodbye Minnesota, Hello Sarasota.

    After decades of being based in

    MN, I am now located in

    sunny Florida!  I will continue

    to travel nationally for shows but stay

    tuned here or at

    for postings on public performances in

    the Sunshine State!


    Las Vegas and Magic

    Corporate Entertainer Star Newman traveled to Las Vegas to learn secrets from the best of the best.  Like script writing from the Daily Shows Emmy Award winning Larry Wilmore. While there she was honored to rub shoulders with Penn and Teller, David Blaine and Cyril Takayama

    Twin Cities Polo Classic

    Magician Star Newan entertained corporate sponsors and very chic attendees at the 2012 Twin Cities Polo Classic supporting the University of Minnesota Equine Center. 

    Minnesota Habitat for Humanity 4- 27-2012

    Held a fundraiser that brought in Minneapolis magician Star Newman.  A silent auction and blue grass band rounded out the affair.

    The IMAGE Project 12-15-2011

    Star performed Strolling Magic gratis at the silent auction benefiting The IMAGE Project, who's mission is to empower Maasai girls and women in Tanzania through education and economic opportunities.  For more information or to donate please visit

    Hello Dave!

    I'm so glad you made it here.  After our little chat I put together this video for you.  (It's password protected, the password is "summit" without quotes.)  Please take a look!


    FalkMarques from Star Newman on Vimeo.


    As you can see the return on your investment is much more than just "cool tricks" for example it

    • Encourages networking through connection
    • Shows your attendees what a gift they are to you
    • Keeps people engaged so they learn as much from your speakers as possible
    • Helps this event stand out in their minds for years to come
    • Gets them excited about how you will surprise them next year
    • Makes you a hero for finding specific entertainment that mirrors themselves

    About now your probably thinking "What is this magic like anyway?"

                                             Well, it's like champagne...


    I use money, cards, jewelry and more for the strolling and the stage tricks range from the world's only coat hanger escape to momentarily hijacking a volunteers mind and even giving your group a special inside look at what happens when a magician twists a girl up in a box.  Here, this might give you a better idea (sorry it's a little loud...)

     I could tell you about the show but I imagine you would like to here what others have said

     So, how would you like to move forward Dave; a conference call perhaps?  Or are there any questions you have that I can answer right now?  Please let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    All the best!